Hemel en Aarde 2018 permits now available.
Adult: R600
Scholar: R200
Family: R1200
Remember: No Permit, No Ride.



  • SATURDAY: 16 DEC 2017 – 13:30
  • SUNDAY: 24 DEC 2017 – CLOSED
  • MONDAY: 25 DEC 2017 – CLOSED
  • TUESDAY: 26 DEC 2017 – CLOSED
  • MONDAY : 1 JAN 2018 – CLOSED

Pyga OneForty650 Pascoe X01

OneForty650 Pascoe


A machine to eat the trails and spit out the leftovers, this is a bike that just keeps on growing, of all the bikes I have ridden….. this one was tested to my limit and the bike had loads more to give. Its responsiveness and fantastic geometry allowed it to flow over pretty much all the trails I threw it into ….. and then some.

Some Specs for the tech hungry ……

140mm rear travel, 650b wheels, tons of fun. The Oneforty650 is a trail beast. We nicknamed it Pascoe, in honour of Ken Pascoe, chairman of the Howick MTB club. Ken has been instrumental in developing and maintaining trail networks in the Howick area for the last 20 years.
This is a bike designed for bombing down trails, railing berms, sending doubles and generally getting a bit loose, with no comprise on its ability to climb up to the trail head.

  • Double bearing rear brake pivot
  • Rear internal cable routing
  • Synatce X12 142mm rear axle system
  • Floating shock for tuned suspension
  • Migrating active brake system
  • Tapered head tube
  • Stealth dropper post routing
  • ISCG-05 chainguide mounts

Read a short review on BikeRadar.


Training: Why power measurement is important

Want to control your training? You need to guage your cycling effort

There’s a reason all pros measure, analyse and moderate their training with power meters, and not just the heart rate monitors that we can all easily afford – they are the undisputed, most objective measure of real rider output.

According to former pro Hunter Allen, now a top coach and co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter, “Power is an absolute number, a direct determinant of performance velocity. Heart rate is just a response, where you don’t know if the road conditions, a dog chasing you or a mad lorry driver gave the heart rate that was logged.”

For example, a rider could go out one day and ride a 60-minute effort in his heart rate zone three with an average power output of 250W. The next week he does the ‘same’ session based on his heart rate but his average power output drops to 220W. This could be due to increased fatigue or even impending illness but the key fact is that, without power data, he’d have no knowledge of this drop in training quality or the effect his training was having on his performance. [Read more…]


It all started in the early eighties when cycling pioneers Geoff Apps and Gary Fisher started playing around with the idea of putting bigger wheels on the then brand new kid on the block, the mountain bike.

You see at the most basic level, a 29er refers to a mountain bike built with a larger rim than a regular mountain bike which uses a rim of 26” in diameter. The “29” is actually a bit of a misnomer, as it refers to the approximate diameter of the entire wheel (with a tyre mounted). To be more specific about rim size, the 29er uses rims typically also used for road-racing, cyclo cross, touring and hybrid bicycles or commonly known as the “700c.”

Their idea never really got off the ground due to various reasons, but a few smaller companies and dedicated believers kept the flame burning, but it was not till 2002 that Gary Fisher Bicycles (now part of Trek Bicycles) were the first of the major manufacturers to offer a line of 29er bikes.

Today, 12 years down the line, most bicycle manufacturers not only offer a wide range of 29er bicycles and frames, but most of them have even dropped the 26” model completely – oh how things have changed!!

Even companies that openly dismissed 29ers as a bad idea or passing trend are now brining 29ers to the market and cannot keep up with supply. [Read more…]

The Whale coast – Welcome to cycling heaven.

If you are a hairy legged, trail seeking, mud maniac or a smooth shaven, lycra wearing, racing snake or just a beach cruiser, you have just hit the jackpot.

For the mountain bikers the Whale Coast offer more variety than chocolates in Forest Gump’s box.

Come and get your permit from our shop and head up into MTb and singletrack heaven up the Hemel en Aarde Valley. Oom Schalk and his team are constantly building new trails for you to test your skills on and every week there are more challenging or exciting routes. There are magnitudes of trails crisscrossing the valley and you are able to loose yourself for hours on end. Currently the route crosses 15 farms and we have more than 500 annual members – obviously it is the place to ride!!

Curretnly 4 routes – Black, Red, Blue and green exist each with its own grading and distance. Check out www.hermanusadventures.co.za for more info.


Other options for those who would like a little bit more distance is to head up all the way to towns and places like to Caledon, Tesselaarsdal, Karwyderskraal, Botriver and Kleinmond. No wonder Hermanus was voted best stop over when the famous Cape Epic passed along these shores. [Read more…]

Hermanus – Your Cycling Destination

The other day I picked up an old SA Cycling magazine from 2003. Apart from the very technicolor cycling shirt worn by Robbie Hunter (shouldn’t managers and parents protect kids against clothes like that?) all things looked pretty normal.

Of course there is changes in technology and mostly apparent in the development of helmets. Was it possible that we rode around with those things and that was only 10 years ago!

Paging through the magazine I saw some familiar faces and was glad to see that training and healthy food was still important to bring down your Argus racing time, BUT the article that definitely caught my eye was one on Great Holiday Destination Rides and there it was BOLD AND BEUATIFUL – HERMANUS. Technology might change and products may change, but the truth stays same. Hermanus is a great cycling destination. [Read more…]

Crank it up!

As women’s day draws closer it is my privilege to welcome the ladies, welcoming them to the sport where even the men do there best to get in touch with their feminine side by constantly talking about their weight, shaving their legs and are regularly found in discussions with other cyclists about the latest cycling fashion attire.


Cycling and especially mountain biking is growing daily in popularity and events such as the Tour de France, Cape Epic, and Sani2Sea has helped to fuel this bushfire of popularity. One of the reasons for the popularity is the way in which the design teams of most of the big brands have done their best to look beyond the traditional shaven legged lycra wearing market, but to spend loads of time and money on R&D on women and children specific products. Thus making it a sport where everyone can take part on equal footing, with everyone’s desires being catered for.

[Read more…]

Latest Pyga build

The latest of our PYGA bikes on her way to her new home.

Full XT, ZTR Flow on Hope Hubs, Schwalbe Nobbly Nic 2,35 up front and Onza Canis 2,25 on rear. Rockshox Pike 160mm Solo Air Fork. Answer 1″ riser handlebar, Atherton Pro 50mm stem, Thompson seatpost, Fizik Saddle.


Say no more!!!!