Crank it up!

As women’s day draws closer it is my privilege to welcome the ladies, welcoming them to the sport where even the men do there best to get in touch with their feminine side by constantly talking about their weight, shaving their legs and are regularly found in discussions with other cyclists about the latest cycling fashion attire.


Cycling and especially mountain biking is growing daily in popularity and events such as the Tour de France, Cape Epic, and Sani2Sea has helped to fuel this bushfire of popularity. One of the reasons for the popularity is the way in which the design teams of most of the big brands have done their best to look beyond the traditional shaven legged lycra wearing market, but to spend loads of time and money on R&D on women and children specific products. Thus making it a sport where everyone can take part on equal footing, with everyone’s desires being catered for.


Remember the days where a ladies bike was the one where the top tube was cut off, moved down a bit and welded back on. Well that has changed dramatically. Ladies do yourself a favor and come and have a look at your at the latest toys available for you. Lady specific bicycles, which take into account that there is a difference in reach and flexibility between men and women, thus the geometry of the bicycle is designed around that.


Look out for accessories such as gloves, shoes and helmets which are specifically designed for women taking into account differences such as smaller fingers, better padding where needed, smaller head sizes and most of all they now come in more feminine colours than black. Gone are the days of just going in and picking up a pair of small gloves, a small helmet and a number 6 shoe. There is now something out there for you, one out there designed especially for you.


And then off course look out for the women specific saddles. Gone are the days of just giving a girl the big saddle with loads of padding. No, no, no. There are far better choices available. There is a difference between men and women’s pelvic bone and a big saddle with loads of padding is not the answer. There are saddles out there specifically designed for women to compensate that difference.


Come and visit us for all the latest equipment – LADY SPECIFIC!!