Hermanus – Your Cycling Destination

The other day I picked up an old SA Cycling magazine from 2003. Apart from the very technicolor cycling shirt worn by Robbie Hunter (shouldn’t managers and parents protect kids against clothes like that?) all things looked pretty normal.

Of course there is changes in technology and mostly apparent in the development of helmets. Was it possible that we rode around with those things and that was only 10 years ago!

Paging through the magazine I saw some familiar faces and was glad to see that training and healthy food was still important to bring down your Argus racing time, BUT the article that definitely caught my eye was one on Great Holiday Destination Rides and there it was BOLD AND BEUATIFUL – HERMANUS. Technology might change and products may change, but the truth stays same. Hermanus is a great cycling destination.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you why Hermanus is such a great cycling destination.

If you are of the smooth legged, lycra wearing variety of cyclist you are blessed with the stunning R43 running all the way along the coast to Gordon’s Bay. Along this route with small undulating hills, bordering on flat, you can cycle on a broad shoulder, out of the way of the traffic all along the coast taking in breathtaking views of the ocean with whales, dolphins and seals keeping you company on the one side and the mountain with all its fynbos and magical splendour taking care of the other side of your peripheral vision. Need I say more?

The hairy legged, mud monkeys can look forward to the same trail mentioned 10 years ago. The same wonderful features still exists. It still starts in Fernkloof nature reserve and winds its way through pristine fynbos all along the foot of the mountain to Maanskynbay and then all along the coastline back to centre of town with ample opportunity to spot some whales along the way.

Now, luckily route development didn’t stop there and there are plenty more trails to ride especially up the Hemel and Aarde valley. I have been working tirelessly for the past 5 years to establish an amazing MTBing experience and still the work is not doen. We are continuosly upgrading and building new routes.

Check out www.hermanusadventures.co.za or the TRAILS tab here on our site for more info.

Hermanus has everything a mountain biker would need. Stunning trails for all levels and breathtaking views to reward those lung busting climbs. There is even talk of Hermanus hosting its own stage race in the near future. Watch this space!

Welcome to Hermanus, your ultimate cycling destination, come and enjoy the ride.